Ustym 4K PRO — newest and fastest Enigma2 with XBMC DVBS2X+DVBT2 combo set top box

Great news from uClan engineers: new 4K (UHD) COMBO model of set top box!

Key technical details of the uClan Ustym 4K PRO model:

Modern and powerful processor Hisilicon Hi3798MV200 from Huawei
High Speed RAM 1GByte (1GB)
High-speed Flash memory eMMC 8GByte (8GB)
The operating system Enigma2, with the support of the many E2 development teams and other …
Support for Multistream, T2-Mi, Dolby Digital +, DVBS2X and other …
Fast and stable operation of the entertainment center Kodi (XBMC)