Denys H.265 PRO

T2MI and MULTISTREAM support without input parameters & HARDWARE BLINDSCAN! All-in-one for new model!

The new receiver model contains all the achievements of the bestselling Denis and is made of high quality materials.
With new Denys H.265 PRO, viewers can take full advantage of the multimedial possibilities, such as Cinema portals, IPTV playlists in memory, IPTV autoupdate .m3u, Stalker middleware portals, XTREAM IPTV, YouTube, ***Tube, Internet Radio and many more.
H.265 DVB-S2 HD Multistream with a strong tuner and hardware blind search (blind scan) complete the product. As well as a card reader Conax, with OSCAM!

Key Features:

  • H.265 / MPEG4 — HD / SD, DVB-S2 T2MI/ Multistream Tuner
  • Multistream Root, Gold, (PLP, PLS) T2MI support without parameter input
  • Hardware BlindScan (Low-search) support with low symbol rates (Low Symbol Rate Support)
  • IPTV, OTT, Stalker, Xtream IPTV



  • .m3u, YouTube, ***Tube
  • 2 x USB 2.0 ports
  • 4-digit 7-segment display
  • E2 (Enigma2) Settings Support


  • Linux OS operating system
  • WebIF & FTP access
  • Conax card reader with full OSCAM
  • Recording & TimeShift (* optional)
  • Network 10 / 100Mbit LAN
  • WiFi (WiFi) + 3G modems support via USB ports
  • DLNA player support
  • Unicable & FastScan support
  • DiSEqC 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 and USALS support
  • EPG — Electronic Program Guide
  • High resolution OSD UI user interface
  • 4x programmable buttons on the remote control
  • Subtitles & Teletext (Teletext) Support
  • 0.5W standby


  • 4-digit 7-segment display
  • LED display (red / green)
  • IR sensor (infrared receiver)


  • H.265 HD DVB-S2 tuner LNB input
  • Network 10 / 100Mbit connection
  • HDMI output
  • Digital audio jack
  • AV — RCA Audio Video Jacks
  • DC-12V power supply


  • LED / IR (external display or IR infrared receiver) connection
  • 2 USB 2.0 ports
  • RS232 socket
  • Recovery button


Menu pictures:


  • Receiver Denys H.265 with 12volts power adapter
  • Remote Control
  • 2 x batteries
  • Operating instruction
  • External IR infrared receiver
  • AV RCA jack cable



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