Denys H.265 Premium
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Denys H.265 Premium

New model Denys H.265 Premium with automatic search MULTISTREAM / T2MI, Stalker portals, IPTV, new learning RCU

Updated model with premium remote control!

The support by this processor of the MINI-LINUX Operating System and the close interaction of the software developer with users in the support forums made it possible to discover many interesting and convenient functions that are currently not available on the DVB / IPTV devices market. That is why many competitors have carefully monitored and continue to track changes in Denys H.265 software, in turn, trying to repeat these innovations in the menu of their models ...)

A real indicator of success: during the first year after the appearance of Denys H.265, representatives of competitors appeared at many factories in China showing the original device with a request to make the same model under a different name! That is why Denys H.265 is difficult to attribute to any class of devices: its capabilities clearly overlap the capabilities of middle-class devices, but the lack of a 4K and WEB browser does not allow it to be ranked as a High-End class device.

Support for scanning MULTISTREAM and T2MI transponders without entering parameters! Hardware blind scan! 

Support H.265 (Full HD) High speed sufficient to work with most IPTV streams in HD quality.

Convenient WEB Interface for settings and management of rich functions of the Denys H.265.

Internet part Modern and most importantly convenient launcher for launching Internet applications.

Following the success of this model, the processor manufacturer - NationalChip (Guoxin) - produced several varieties of processors for consumer use: GX3201 - on which the Denys H.265 IPTV + model, Denys H.265 T2, and also the GX6621 on which the current model are built Denys H.265 / H.265 EU, Denys H.265 Premium and the Denys H.265 PRO / PRO + / COMBO / COMBO EU / COMBO EU + line, where there are combo models and models with an index + (equipped with a processor version with DD ++ license)

With Denys H.265 Premium, viewers can take full advantage of Internet multimedia features such as:

  • Cinema portals
  • in-memory IPTV playlists,
  • automatic download of IPTV m3u / m3u8 playlists
  • Stalker middleware portals
  • YouTube
  • *** Tube
  • internet radio
  • and much more...

H.265 DVB-S2 HD Multistream with a powerful tuner and hardware blind search complement the product, as well as the Conax card reader, working with full OSCAM (with WEB Interface)

Key features:

  • H.265 / MPEG4 HD / SD, DVBS2 Multistream tuner
  • Multistream Root, Gold, (PLP, PLS) T2MI support without entering parameters
  • Hardware blind scan with Low SR support
  • IPTV in memory and external links m3u / m3u8
  • Support for Stalker portals
  • Xtream IPTV
  • .m3u, YouTube, *** Tube
  • 2 x USB 2.0 ports
  • 4-digit 7-segment display
  • Support for Enigma2 settings
  • Support for picons for DVB and IPTV modes (from the devices memory, from an external medium or link)
  • EPG to IPTV from the Internet (associated with the channel name)


  • MiniLinux operating system (Denys_OS)
  • Access via WebIF and FTP
  • Conax card reader with full OSCAM
  • Recording and Timeshift (* optional)
  • 100Mbit LAN Ethernet network
  • Support for WiFi / 3GB modems via USB ports
  • Support DLNA playback
  • Unicable and FastScan Support
  • Support for DiSEqC 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 and USALS
  • EPG - Electronic Program Guide (DVB / Internet)
  • High quality user interface
  • 4 programmable buttons on the remote control
  • Subtitle and Teletext support
  • Consumption 0.5W in STBY mode


  • 4-digit 7-segment display
  • LED indicator (red / green)
  • IR sensor
  • Tuner input H.265 HD DVBS2
  • 100Mbps network connection
  • HDMI output
  • Digital digital audio output
  • AV output: Audio Video minijack to RCA
  • Connecting an external LED / IR
  • 2x USB 2.0 ports
  • Power supply 12V DC
  • Minijack for connecting RS232

Front panel:

Rear panel:

Side panel:

Inside giftbox:

  • Denys H.265 Premium receiver with 12 volt power adapter
  • Learning IR remote control
  • 2 x AAA batteries
  • User's Manual
  • External IR receiver
  • HDMI cable

YouTube videos:

NationalChip GX6621
Video Output Resolution
Full HD
LAN Ethernet RJ45
WiFi (built-in)
USB-WiFi support
Antenna input
One DVBS/S2 input (satellite)
USB ports
2x USB2.0 ports
With LED display
CA cardreader
With CA cardreader
Compression formats
H.264 + H.265
Sound formats support

uClan Denys H.265 Premium

User manual for satellite set-top box uClan Denys H.265 Premium

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