Denys H.265 PRO COMBO EU
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Denys H.265 PRO COMBO EU

Denys H.265 PRO COMBO EU with two tuners (satellite + terrestrial / cable), MULTISTREAM / T2MI, Stalker, IPTV and more

All the best from satellite bestseller model Denys H.265 + terrestrial tuner (Model for the European market)

...T2MI and MULTISTREAM support without input parameters & HARDWARE BLINDSCAN!

Denys H.265 PRO COMBO EU model have 2 inputs / tuners: DVBS/S2/S2X + DVBT/T2/C, also contains all the achievements of the bestselling Denis H.265 and is made of high quality materials. With new Denys H.265 PRO COMBO EU, viewers can take full advantage of the multimedia possibilities, such as Cinema portals, IPTV playlists in memory, IPTV autoupdate .m3u, Stalker middleware portals, XTREAM IPTV, YouTube, ***Tube, Internet Radio and many more.

H.265 DVB-S2 HD Multistream with a strong tuner and hardware blind search (blind scan) complete the product. As well as a card reader Conax, with OSCAM!


uClan began developing the model since November 2016 - a satellite receiver with an unusual name: Denys H.265, in a short time, from the moment it appeared became an incredibly popular device on the European market, caused a chain reaction - the appearance of MANY CLONES under other, famous brands such as Octagon, Golden Interstar, Xsarius, Hiremco, Edition, Ineos and many other brand names that have released similar devices with the same or the same menu, copying the features of the successful Denys H.265 model... The secret to the success of this model is the implementation of new ideas, the software experience of the U2C S + model range, which has been developed for several years since 2013, as well as the use of the “operator” processor GX6611 / 6622 (advanced security) with support for H.265 ( Full HD), where they implemented the innovative ability to scan MULTISTREAM and T2MI in fully AUTOMATIC mode, without entering special parameters, which opened up new possibilities for the user.


Key Features:

H.265 / MPEG4 - HD / SD, DVB-S2 T2MI/ Multistream Tuner

H.265 / MPEG4 - HD / SD, DVBT2/C Tuner

Multistream Root, Gold, (PLP, PLS) T2MI support without parameter input

Hardware BlindScan (Low-search) support with low symbol rates (Low Symbol Rate Support)



Stalker Portals support

Xtream IPTV            

.m3u, YouTube, ***Tube

2 x USB 2.0 ports

4-digit 7-segment display

E2 (Enigma2) Setting Support



Linux OS operating system

WebIF & FTP access

Conax card reader with full OSCAM

Recording & TimeShift (* optional)

Network 10 / 100Mbit LAN

USB-WiFi + 3G modems support via USB ports

DLNA Player Support

Unicable & FastScan support

DiSEqC 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 and USALS support

EPG - Electronic Program Guide

High resolution OSD UI user interface

4x programmable buttons on the remote control

Subtitles & Teletext (Teletext) Support

0.5W standby



4-digit 7-segment display

LED display (red / green)

IR sensor (infrared receiver)



H.265 HD DVB-S2 tuner LNB input + DVBT2/C input

Network 10 / 100Mbit connection

HDMI output

Digital audio output

AV - RCA Audio Video minijack

RS232 socket

DC-12V power supply



LED / IR (external display or IR infrared receiver) connection

2 USB 2.0 ports

Recovery button



Receiver Denys H.265 PRO COMBO EU with 12 volts power adapter

Remote Control

2 x batteries

Operating instruction

External IR infrared receiver

HDMI cable

YouTube videos:

NationalChip GX6622
Video Output Resolution
Full HD
LAN Ethernet RJ45
WiFi (built-in)
USB-WiFi support
Antenna input
DVBS/S2/S2X + DVBT/T2/C/C2 (combo)
USB ports
2x USB2.0 ports
With LED display
CA cardreader
With CA cardreader
Compression formats
H.264 + H.265
Dolby support
Dolby Digital AC3

uClan Denys H.265 PRO COMBO EU+

User manual for combo set-top box uClan Denys H.265 PRO COMBO EU/EU+

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