Denys H.265 IPTV+
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Denys H.265 IPTV+

Denys H.265 IPTV+ with Stalker Portals and IPTV capabilities


Renewed IPTV STB builded on the bestseller Denys H.265

The secret to the success of this model is the implementation of new ideas, the software experience of the U2C S + model range, which has been developed for several years since 2013, as well as the use of the “operator” processor GX6611 / 6622 (advanced security) with support for H.265 ( Full HD) which opened up new possibilities for the user.

With Denys H.265 IPTV+, viewers can take full advantage of Internet multimedia features such as:

  • in-memory IPTV playlists,
  • automatic download of IPTV m3u / m3u8 playlists
  • Stalker middleware portals
  • YouTube
  • internet radio
  • and much more...

Key features:

  • H.265 / MPEG4 HD / SD
  • IPTV in memory and external links m3u / m3u8
  • support for Stalker portals
  • Xtream IPTV
  • .m3u
  • YouTube
  • 2 x USB 2.0 ports
  • EPG to IPTV from the Internet (associated with the channel name)


  • MiniLinux operating system (Denys_OS)
  • Access via WebIF and FTP
  • Recording and Timeshift (* optional)
  • 100Mbit LAN Ethernet network
  • Support for USB-WiFi / 3G modems via USB ports
  • Support DLNA playback
  • EPG - Electronic Program Guide (DVB / Internet)
  • High quality user interface
  • 4 programmable buttons on the remote control
  • Subtitle and Teletext support
  • Consumption 0.5W in STBY mode


  • LED indicator (red / green)
  • IR sensor
  • 100Mbps network connection
  • HDMI output
  • Digital digital audio output
  • AV output: Audio Video minijack to RCA
  • Connecting an external LED / IR
  • 2x USB 2.0 ports
  • Power supply 5V DC
  • Minijack for connecting RS232

Inside giftbox:

  • Denys H.265 receiver with power adapter 5 volt
  • IR remote control
  • 2 x AAA batteries
  • User's manual
  • External IR receiver
  • AV minijack-RCA cable

YouTube videos:

Data sheet
NationalChip GX3201Q
Video Output Resolution
Full HD
LAN Ethernet RJ45
WiFi (built-in)
USB-WiFi support
Antenna input
No inputs
USB ports
2x USB2.0 ports
No display
CA cardreader
No CA card reader

Manual uClan Denys H.265 IPTV+

User manual for IPTV set-top box uClan Denys H.265 IPTV+

Download (390.73k)