Ustym 4K OTT Premium (E2 multiboot)
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Ustym 4K OTT Premium (E2 multiboot)

4K UltraHD OTT IPTV set-top-box with WEB browser and multiboot OS (Denys_OS+Enigma2)


From the factory, uClan Ustym 4K OTT Premium comes with the proven Denys_OS software.

However, this device has the ability to install Enigma2 Multiboot software.

This device is equipped with a high-quality uClan Premium RCU v4.0 remote control. This model is designed to work on the Internet, and supports all the capabilities of previous IPTV models from uClan. Working with Internet portals, playlists, EPG from the Internet, WEB interface for managing settings, ample opportunities for flexible user settings will allow you to customize the box to your liking. The device is also interesting for operators providing OTT services. The set-top box was assembled in China at the Skyworth factory, which assembles TV boxes for the world's best brands.

4K UltraHD, H.265, 1ГБ ОЗУ/8ГБ Flash eMMC, Stalker, IPTV, WEB Browser, uClan Premium RCU v4.0:

With the new uClan Ustym 4K OTT Premium, you get a stable and fast Linux box with a quad-core 64-bit processor and UltraHD 4K resolution. With support for portals and the Chromium web browser!

The set-top box features powerful hardware and a wide range of entertainment options. It supports the general functions that a modern IPTV box should have.

Hardware and technology inside uClan Ustym 4K OTT Premium:

The hardware contains the most advanced equipment with which you can satisfy almost all of your IPTV requirements. Installed 64-bit Hisilicon processor as well as multi-core GPU. 1GB main memory and 8GB eMMC flash. The hardware, together with the LINUX-based operating system, not only provides smooth playback of 4K content, but also phenomenally fast loading times and quick navigation through multilingual menus.

Resolution 4K UltraHD & HDR10:

With LINUX Internet set-top box Ustym 4K OTT Premium, the user can enjoy content in 4K resolution at 60 frames per second and 3840 x 2160 pixels. Ustym 4K OTT Premium decodes content in the HEVC/H.265 standard, which save (for the operator) data transmission bandwidth. Ustym 4K OTT Premium supports H.264 or AVS and VP9 standards as well as most video, audio and picture formats.

Entertainment and other:

Ustym 4K OTT Premium has the very popular and easy-to-use Linux operating system with Denys_OS shell from the factory. That gives you the opportunity to continually expand your entertainment offer. There are many free apps like YouTube, Stalker, Cinemas, WEB OTT, Media Library and many popular browser media players. There are practically no limits on your entertainment pleasure!

New one programmable remote control unit uClan Premium RCU v4.0:

The Ustym 4K OTT Premium is the first uClan model to be equipped with the state-of-the-art uClan Premium RCU 4.0 high-quality remote control, which has received the highest ratings from the testers. The button layout map was developed by uClan specialists and will be repeated in analogue models in the future. Button material: high quality rubber, with a velvety tactile feeling. The central block of buttons has the effect of a soft "click" through the plastic membrane, the rest of the buttons are silent. The top of the remote has 4 programmable buttons to control the TV volume and select HDMI input (TV source).

Variety of interfaces and connections:

uClan provided Ustym 4K OTT Premium with the most common interfaces and thus ensured a high degree of connectivity.

There are two USB 2.0 ports. On the back of the box you will also find an HDMI 2.0a jack, S / PDIF interface, Ethernet LAN connection, connection to the supplied external IR receiver.

Main characteristics:

- Hisilicon Hi3798MV200

- Quad-core 64 bit (4x 1.6 GHz) 15000 DMIPS

- Multi-core high-performance GPU

- 8GB eMMC Flash

- RAM 1 GB

- Fast booting time

- LAN Ethernet 100 Mbps

- HDMI 2.0a CEC

- 2 x USB 2.0 ports

- Infrared receiver for hidden installation

- Supports HDMI CEC

- Learning remote control uClan Premium RCU v4.0 remote control with virtual mouse function

Features and functions:

- Dual Boot OS: Denys_OS / Enigma2 softwares (Multiboot)

- Unique high resolution OSD user interface

- Resolution: 4K Ultra HD (3840 x 2160)

- Supports HDR10 and HLG

- Stalker and Chromium browser support

- WebTV & VOD Video Clubs

- OTT Player, IPTV m3u, m3u8, m3u8 +, m3u launch, operator mode and more

- Support mouse function

- IPTV user portal and picon support

- Internet radio and YouTube

- 2 USB 2.0 ports

- Convenient user interface with Denys_OS launcher

- WebIF & FTP access

- Recording and TimeShift

- 10 / 100Mbps LAN

- Supports USB-WiFi and 3G modems via USB ports

- DLNA Player (DMS, DMR) and built-in media player

- Chromium web browser

- WebIF for managing settings

- EPG - Electronic Program Guide

- 4 programmable buttons on the remote control

- Support for subtitles and teletext (teletext)

- 0.5W standby

- Dimensions (LxDxH) 110 mm x 110 mm x 20 mm

Front panel (polished):

- LED indicators: IR signal, Internet connection, network power indicator

- IR sensor (infrared receiver of remote control signals) 

Rear panel (polished):

- Digital optical SPDIF output

- AV - audio-video connector - MiniJack RCA connector

- HDMI 2.0a output

- Network 10/100 Mbps

- DC12V power connector

- IR external IR receiver

Side panels (polished):

- USB 2.0 ports (2pcs)

- TF card reader 

Shipping set:

- set top box uClan Ustym 4K OTT Premium

- programmable remote control uClan Premium RCU v4.0

- 12 volt power adapter

- HDMI cable

- IR infrared receiver

- Operating instructions (English, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian)

- 2 batteries

Data sheet
Hisilicon Hi3798MV200
Video Output Resolution
4K Ultra HD
LAN Ethernet RJ45
WiFi (built-in)
USB-WiFi support
Antenna input
No inputs
USB ports
2x USB2.0 ports
No display
CA cardreader
No CA card reader
Sound formats support
DD (AC3) / DD+
RAM memory
FLASH memory
WEB browser support
Micro SD card slot
Operating system
MultiBoot: Enigma2 + Denys_OS
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