B6 CA Full HD
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B6 CA Full HD

uClan B6 CA Full HD - the most popular satellite tuner since 2017 with card reader


The uClan B6 CA Full HD satellite receiver (formerly U2C B6 Full HD) is the most popular satellite tuner since 2017.

In addition to the low price, the device characterizes good image quality on both SD and HD channels as well as high sensitivity of the receiving path of the input tuner.

It should be noted that the receiver can be used as an IPTV / OTT set-top box, links to playlists and playlists themselves can be downloaded from a USB drive in .m3u format.

The uClan B6 Full HD satellite receiver is based on the most popular GX6605S chipset and runs on proprietary software. Clone firmware is also available: OCTAGON SX8 HD ONE MAGIC.

UClan software developers implemented a lot of functions atypical for this level of receivers in this low-price model, the main thing: most of them were implemented first on the market.

That is why many amateur experimenters have been trying for several years to combine pieces of code using the uClan B6 Full HD software as the basis for creating their "softwares".

Of the typical functions, there is support for the most popular types of USB-Wi-Fi adapters (chipsets 5370/7601), USB-LAN adapters, support for USB-3G modems and Dolby Digital AC3. Multistream streams are scanned and work without problems.

The list of types of supported USB-LAN adapters: 88772B, SR9800, SR9700, RD9700, RTL8152B, RTL8153

Despite the compact dimensions of the tuner, the developers managed to avoid overheating of the device. The manufacturer also provided for a “hidden” installation of the receiver, for this there is a corresponding mount in the package and a remote IR receiver.

We also note the correct operation of the set-top box with a “motor”, which will undoubtedly please satellite TV enthusiasts. Using the receiver will not be difficult even for beginners - the key to this is a convenient menu with support for Ukrainian and Russian languages. Admirers of the uClan (U2C) brand will be pleased with the convenient remote control, in the familiar style for U2C, which is interesting: remotes of the B6 and Denys line models are compatible and work perfectly.

Advanced multimedia features support video playback from external USB drives, YouTube videos with quality up to 1080p, playback of IPTV network streams, movie theaters and IPTV.

Data sheet
NationalChip GX6605S
Video Output Resolution
Full HD
LAN Ethernet RJ45
WiFi (built-in)
USB-WiFi support
Antenna input
One DVBS/S2 input (satellite)
USB ports
2x USB2.0 ports
No display
CA cardreader
With CA cardreader
Compression formats
Sound formats support